Don't Wait

Don't Wait . . .

Don't wait 7 - 10 years for items to fall off your credit report, when you don't have to. Ask us and we'll explain why this is one of the most mis-understood credit repair myths.

Don't Pay

Don't Pay . . .

Don't pay 2x to 3x higher interest rates on everyday things when you don't have to. Everyone else seems to benefit if you happen to have bad credit, everyone but you.

Don't Risk

Don't Risk . . .

Don't risk the dissappointment or rejection of being denied for things that you really want. You work hard and deserve everything you want out of life.

Act Now

Act Now . . .

Do what's right for you and your family, exercise your consumer right to a fair and accurate credit report. Contact us for your free consultation using the form below.

Sit Back

Sit Back . . .

Once we begin you can just sit back. We handle the day-to-day dispute process, and even keep you in-the-loop with email and text message updates.


And Relax . . .

Take a deep breath, and feel good knowing you have taken the first step to improving your credit. Login anytime 24/7 to monitor our progress.

What Others Are Saying

  • Going through a divorce trashed my credit so I really like being able to login and track things.
    So far 39 items have already been removed . . . I’m telling everyone about your service!
  • When i found your service online i immediately signed up. In less than 2 months i already
    see the results. I feel like i can actually BREATHE now and even get some sleep at night.
  • I was so glad to find out that bad things don't need to stay on my credit report for 7 years
    or more. I'm sure millions of people think other wise, but they really don't know the truth....
  • You make it so easy, after the bankruptcy we were exhausted, we just wanted it to go away.
    Less than 12 months later you cleaned most of it up, and all we had to do was check our mail!
  • When we were turned down for an FHA loan, my wife was devastated, we always had decent
    credit, but today it's so hard. After you started we were able to buy an even BIGGER home.

Free Consultation

Free Consultation
Don't wait, take control of your credit right now.

At the Consumer Credit Repair Agency, we believe we can help get your credit back on track to a brighter future, for you and your family. So take the first step.

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